Saturday, July 30, 2011

{#759} Painting Pics

Here is my beautiful finished wall.  It probably doesn't look like much since you're not used to see it peeling off.  The box between the piano and my cutting table houses my quilts to be hand quilted.  The two of them have been there for quite a while!  Seeds of Kindness and "Highway Hearts".

My husband and three of my children are taking their turn to make a trip to Ohio.  Remember I took 3 kids last month?  It didn't work out with our crazy summer traveling schedules to all go together.  We thought it would be a better visit with two groups of 4 rather than one of 8. 

Below is the famous pull-out trash door that I mentioned yesterday.  It is one of the doors that (badly) needs painting.  The holes where the handle was originally were filled with wood putty.  You can see where the paint is chipped away from people gouging it violently with their talons when they opened the door, I guess.  That's the only logical explanation.

I have a multitude of projects to finish before Emily's wedding, August 13.  The reason for mentioning the trip to OH and the door above is to bring up my new favorite words..."Send the cabinet doors and the paint up, and I'll sand and have them painted for you."  My dad said that to me last night on the phone.  Glory, hallelujah!!  If I would have had the energy, I would have jumped up and clicked my heels together.  Emily promptly removed 10 doors and loaded them in the Pilot.  What a relief.  Suddenly, the rest of my projects look doable.

I take Susie to the airport crazy early tomorrow AM.  We are leaving here at 5:30, which means I'll be getting up at 5:29.  I hope it's not one of those nights where I keep thinking I'm sleeping in and wake up to check every 30 minutes.

I have another nearly-finished quilt over on my secret blog.  Hop on over there if you know where to find it!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything. Takes. So. Long. To. Do.

People are always telling me they are amazed at how much I get done.  I don't think I get that much done, so those comments always amaze me. 

Guess what I've been doing today?  The top picture shows a section of paneling in our MPR (multi-purpose room) that replaced two bi-fold doors.  My husband walled in the room and cut a new door on adjacent wall of the room.  Shortly after the paneling was installed, I painted the room a lovely green...sort of light grayish green.  I.  love.  it.  Shortly thereafter, strips of paint started peeling off the paneling.  I had not sanded it to rough up the surface.  Well, I put it off for years, but the process had to be done!  Isaac and Rachel scraped off the old paint, Ben sanded it, and I primed and painted it.  The priming and painting were done this AM.  The paneling has those little grooves in it, so I brushed those, then rolled the rest of the wall.  It is nearly dry and looks m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s.  I started at 6AM.

My next project is to repaint 3 of my wall cabinet doors and the cabinet face behind it.  The problem with that?  The paint I used 5 years ago is no longer being made, and the color is no longer available.  Well, I went to Lowe's and had it color matched.  I am about to start priming the doors (wish I had taken a before picture...the difference between the old and new will, no doubt, be astounding).  The paint had been wearing off from around the hardware. 

There is one other door front that I will be painting.  Originally we had a "concealed" trash can.  The whole drawer pulled out.  There were several reasons I did not like it.  When I was cooking, my hands were usually dirty.  Hence, pulling out the drawer than opening the trash can nearly always transferred what was on my hands to the drawer pull and then the trash can lid.  The drawer also collected trash and spills inside (eeewwwwwww).  Wes had the pull-out drawer converted to a regular cabinet door and put shelves in.  Now it houses my crockpots.  At least six of them!

Off to prime those doors!  Wish me luck!

~Joan, the overambitious

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yeah--It Fits!!

I waited outside Rachel's closet with bated breath as she tried on the bridesmaid dress I made for her last week.  It fits!!  Yippee!


Pepper and Susie

Susie has been gone a lot this month and just got home from a week-long trip to camp.  I captured some pics of her reunion with Pepper...they missed each other!  You can tell Pepper is excited because in the first picture she is just a blur...

 Susie has taught Pepper to get up on the glider and rewards her with a treat (doggie biscuit).  See Pepper's rapt attention?  She knows where that treat is, but waits patiently.

A last few minutes of snuggle time.  Welcome home, Susie!