Friday, February 1, 2008

Dryer...Dead or Only Mostly Dead?

My DH has had a rough work week. Deadlines, quotes that have to go out NOW while doing a hundred other things. Our washer bit the dust last week, the dryer appears to have died yesterday, and when I was leaving to drive my son to work this AM, the car wouldn't start.

Guess it's time to adopt my sister's family motto..."if it ain't broke, it ain't ours!"

DH was going to take the dryer to the appliance place and have them listen to it. They don't charge a "visit" fee if you do that, saving close to $100. He couldn't get over there before they closed, so he and my 2 oldest boys are looking at it now. There's a shot of the action at the top. That's the drum in the foreground of the pic. DS1 is on the right, DS2 is on the left, and DH is in the background.

I hope it's only "mostly dead". If you've seen Princess Bride, you recognize that line from the movie.


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