Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Complete Except Sewing Down Binding!

I don't have a picture for this post, but I have great news! My Carolina Crossroads quilt is complete except for hand sewing down the binding. I don't have as many scraps as I thought before starting this quilt. I used up my odd lengths of leftover bindings for the binding. I limited it to blacks and browns. I had to cut one little piece to make ends meet. The extra batting and backing have been trimmed off, and now I'm heading up to sew that binding down!!

Mine ended up being 84" square after borders.

One of my ways to be frugal is to save pieces of binding that are leftovers. When I make a really scrappy quilt, I sew them in one continuous and motley-colored piece and use that instead of cutting new binding for a quilt. I keep it in one of my drawers on a little 3 drawer chest that lives under my cutting table. For a small wall hanging, I'll often have a piece ready to go of one fabric that matches. That's like winning at BINGO!!

My two oldest boys just got back from a Civil Air Patrol meeting. DS2 got to co-pilot and DS1 got to ride in a Cessna 172B for over an hour. They are on Cloud 9, so to speak. They loved every minute. It was the first time in the air for DS2.

I knew that with a large family things would get busier and busier, but it's happening exponentially overnight. DS1 and DS2 have jobs outside our home. DS1 was called in to work 5-8 tonight when he was formerly not working tonight. DS2 is working with a contractor friend and works all day (8-5) M, T, and Th. My daughters are always on the go helping new mothers, babysitting, doing yard work, delivering baked goodies, etc. I think I need one of those office flow charts that has "so and so--out; will return ____" just to keep track of everyone.

I'm feeling much better. Had the stomach flu last night. My stomach still objects when I move quickly, but I don't plan on doing that for the rest of the night, LOL! I haven't eaten anything today either, so I'll test drive that tummy at a later date.

Have a great day.


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Country Log Cabin said...

How old are your 2 sons who are in the civil air patrol? My youngest was in it for a while in high school and he is now a pilot in the Air Force. At present he is a flight instructor at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi TX. Are your sons thinking about becoming pilots? I have 2 sons who are pilots. Love your Carolina Crossroads quilt! It is gorgeous!