Thursday, January 3, 2019

{Post 1,599} Area Rug Picture

I realized something that might help with my choice of hexagon colors for my new pillows. I should probably try choosing colors in the same ratio of colors as the actual rug (with a dab more blue and orange). I love the cushiness, size, colors, and patterns of this rug. I wish my husband did, too, but he might come to love it. Miracles still happen!

The glue for making my pillow is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I am going to start gluing this tomorrow and be ready to machine sew on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

{Post 1,598} Pillows are Perfect

One of the challenges of our new-to-us living room is matching our new rug with other things. To be honest, I LOVE the rug. It is thick and plush. I like the colors and the pattern. My husband, OTOH, is not a big fan. He liked it when we picked it out and the thumbnail was 1-1/2” square, but seeing it in living color is a bit much for him. Our former decor was more regulated—our new rug is sporadic. There are touches of orangish-red and aqua-bright-blue. I am seeking to draw those out in small amounts in some throw pillows as well as leaning more towards not-so-regulated patterns. I am going to change this some more, but here are some pillow ideas I’ve been playing with making.

I am actually going with the second one down, the mixed-up-color-random one. I will be making two pillows, so I will divide the blues and oranges between the two and add some golds and dark creams to complement the rug more. It is very dark now, so I will post a picture of the rug soon. The dark brown is the actual pillow background fabric that I plan to use.

Monday, December 31, 2018

{Post 1,597} Holiday Time

This has been the most unusual Christmas for us, IMHO. We had a small gathering on Christmas Eve that included my husband and me, my single, still-living-at-home son, MIL (who was joining us for the first time...I adore her and love her company), another single son who lives on his own, and a married son, his wife and two little girls. Oh, there were two other young ladies who are my single sons’ girlfriends. I sat there thinking most of the time in the back of my mind...these girls might become a permanent part of our family. I was meeting one for the first time. When 6/8 of one’s children are married, one changes the way they think about their children’s relationship interests.

Timmy’s family (my oldest daughter and family) came over Christmas Day for a meal and spades game. Wes and I won ;)

~*~*~As usual, I did not take pictures. I like to prefer to think of it as living in the moment, not being a bad historian/mother.~*~*~

My dear husband and I worked for hours (and until the last second) to get the house ready for our little get-togethers. We put all the furniture from the living room, kitchen, and upstairs guest room in perfect place (they had been homeless for a couple months). We prepared our downstairs guest room and bathroom (think major cleaning) for our married son’s family, as they stayed overnight.

Another big thing we did was move all the toys from the guest room (where my grandson usually sleeps when he is here at least 5 days a week) to the living room closet. I usually abhor moving the “home” of items that have permanent dwellings. This time it was a great decision. The toys are now out in the living room closet, where our seasonal wall decor, movies, and game collection usually lived. Since we are sort of getting a fresh start with decor and belongings because of the recent renovation, it was a great time to do this.The TV is now downstairs, so all the movies went down there. I am still determining the best place for the seasonal decor. Some of it is large (old window frame and shutters amongst other giants).  I am currently decluttering at the “speed of life”, having just read two fantastic books on decluttering by Dana White. The first is “How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind” and the second is “Decluttering at the Speed of Life”. There is a little (OK, maybe a lot) of repetition in the books, but they have changed my mind and outlook on clutter. I am a reforming clutterholic. I need MORE than a 12-step program, but I had a lot of progress yesterday. The thing I like best about this system is that one sees results immediately and does not leave a bigger mess in the wake. If (or should I say WHEN) you are interrupted and have to stop, all there is is progress, not piles of stuff that belong somewhere else. It is glorious.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. These are mainly being posted for my one family member that I know reads my blog. Be sure to leave a comment!

I love the nativity picture that hangs above our console table here. It is very heavy. I actually tore off some of our new drywall on the wall under the quilt because the Command hooks lied about the weight they uphold. My hubby saved the day (again, and as usual—he is the best!)

The kids’ kitchen is a new item. It was in the guest room before, but we didn’t figure my MIL would be whipping up any plastic muffins during her visit. It might go back in the guest room. Time will tell.

Is that NATURAL LIGHT in my living room? These doors, although bothersome to have installed correctly and without dents, are one of the best parts of this renovation. The car mat goes into that closet when not in use.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

{Post 1,596} Parker Fixer Upper

Here is a pic of our deck (uncovered, as it will remain) through the new French doors in the living room. Our house is a dark gray siding with white trim.

Here is our living room, from two days ago and today. Blew my mind to see the comparison.

Monday, December 17, 2018

{Post 1,595} Quilty Catch-Up

I have done a lot of quilty things since I wrote last. Here are pictures. I will skip all the descriptions.

I have also machine-quilted several large quilts for customers and for myself.

{Post 1,594} Drywall Dust—Be Gone!

I got a lot more finished today than I thought I would. I knew I’d be picking up my grandson at 12:30. I had to go get my weekly allergy shots. That took over an hour instead of 30 minutes because my 30 minute timer shut off when I set it down,. So I ended up being an extra 30 minutes. Then I got some breakfast out and then went to Lowe’s to get something for my husband (that they did not have—bummer). By the time I got home, I only had 45 minutes before I had to go get Timmy.

After I picked him up, I got both of us a little lunch and then it was to the mechanic’s. They somehow overlooked letting me know my vehicle was ready, so I was THERE an extra 45 minutes at least. That’s the kind of day it has been. But I figured I was healthy and safe, so why fret?

When I got home, I wanted to do as much to get this house in shape as I could. Wes helped me move our very heavy table for 12 into the kitchen from the living room. I wiped down all the chairs to remove drywall dust. Whew—that made it a sight better already. Then I started un-dusting the living room furniture and moving it into place. It looks so bare without a rug and wall decor. I hope we can use our old rug until our new one arrives. The new one won’t be here for two more weeks.

I am trying sooooo hard not to pressure my husband (he is still working every spare moment on the floor). But I hope we can get our Christmas tree set up tonight. If he sets up the actual tree, I will take it from there.

Clean and roomy...but not very warm.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

{Post 1,593} Remodel Complete Update

This last part will be short and sweet since I just wrote a long post and somehow deleted it. Here is the last-minute update. As in I literally just walked into the kitchen/living room and took these pictures.

The dark flooring is the new stuff. The light floor in the kitchen is what Wes is removing then replacing. Hopefully the frig will be put back in its opening in the next hour or so. The darker tan on the right side of the wall between the rooms is where Wes took off our kitchen built-in desk (it’s now in the living room temporarily) so he could replace the flooring under the desk as the original flooring was done.

I am eager to get our rooms set to rights. Actually, Wes just had me invite a family over for supper for the day after tomorrow. So that is some incentive to get this finished. Tomorrow. True story. This is the only night that family has available to come over, then they are traveling again for a long time.