Wednesday, April 27, 2016

{Post 1,518} Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin?  How about where I left off?

I have a blog to journal events in my life.  I know you all are not interested in the day-to-day around here for the most part.  I like to track the progress of my quilts here and throw in a few other DIY projects.

Here is some quilty content.  

What is sad is that it took me about 10 minutes to remember for whom I made this quilt.  It is for two little girls in my Sunday school class.  My husband and I teach 2-5 year olds.  This is for two sweet sisters in our class.

Next up is the progress on my Maverick Stars.  Still determining the recipient for this one.  I have enough blocks to make a good-sized top now.  The blocks finish at 9-1/2" square.

I was going to help a woman make a table runner in preparation for her making a bed-sized quilt.  She did not like piecing.  Truly, the whole process was a struggle.  I made these two table runners/mats in preparation for helping her make a bed-sized quilt.  I pinned the instructions, but here is the link  From one set of strips, one makes the following two quilt tops.  The instructions were a bit nebulous.  The most frustrating part is that no end sizes are given.  I am going to quilt these and have them in my gift closet soon.  I love the colors.

17" x 25" and the other is 17" square.

That's all the quilty stuff for now.

My 1st and 3rd daughters recently bought houses.  Oh, the projects I've assisted them with over the past month.  Pictures to come.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{Post 1,517} Still Living, I Presume?

Just wanted to let the blogging world know that I'm still alive.  I will post some updates from the past couple of months tomorrow.

Had a good scare when I could not remember my password.  But the little grey cells came up with the right answer.

Here's a little teaser picture, because what is a good post w/o a picture?

I made this quilt for my daughter after telling people who constantly sent me a picture of this quilt that I'd never make one.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

{Post 1,516} What Has Joan Been Doing?

As I get older, I realize how important it is to have plans, but to be flexible.  One thing I'm trying to do more consciously is to invest in other people's lives.  

Here is a picture of Timmy and me.  We got him Sunday night and I took him home Tuesday afternoon.  So that meant some overnights and a lot of hands-on time.  While I was not expecting to do that, it was an investment in my daughter and son-in-law's life.  And I enjoy spending time with him.  He will be 2 in July.

Another investment I have been making is to teach a woman in my church how to quilt.  Here is her first large quilt.  She has also made a placemat-sized flag and a table runner.  I machine quilted this with Pajama Quilter's wonky feathers.  It is from a Quilt in a Day book.  All Thimbleberries fabrics.  Close up of quilting in the second picture.

Which one of these things is not like the others?  Ha ha...the man on the far right is NOT my son (but he is a wannabe).  One of my son's had to be at work last-minute because of a death in one of his coworker's family, so this man is filling in.  There is a slight resemblance, but he is definitely not Luke.

This my husband and I with 7/8 of our children.  Taken in January this year.  So proud of the people they are and are becoming.  Age 26 down to 16.  Well, 53 down to 15, but you get it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

{Post 1,515} I Spy from Charm Pack

Went shopping with a sewing friend last week.  I picked up a charm pack of the fabrics used for the 4-patches above.  After I pieced the top, I decided to add a border of just "I Spy" prints.  That makes the top about 48-1/2" square.  A nice lap size for little people.  

One of my 4-patches is turned the wrong way.  I didn't notice it until I took a picture.  I think that will be my humility block!

This AM I pieced a backing for it.  Now to quilt, bind, label, wash, and dry!

{Post 1,514} Surprise Sewing Day

Above are my original blocks for the Maverick Stars.  I decided the outer frames were too big and cut those 4 down.

This AM I got out of bed and realized I was home alone.  Then my husband texted and asked if he had told me he was going to be out of state all day.  No.  So I sewed for the morning.  

My son got home from work about 11:30.  We did a few things together, then I sewed some more.

This is what I had finished when it was all said and done.  They are 9-1/2" square unfinished.  I am getting the hang of the wonkiness of it all.

Monday, February 1, 2016

{Post 1,513} Maverick Stars Framed

Above are 4 of my Maverick Star blocks, with their frames.  I am trying to reduce scraps here, ladies!!  My center blocks are 5-1/2" square.  I am surrounding them with strips from my 1-1/2" strip bin in scrappy darks or lights.  For the outermost border, I am cutting one width of fabric, selvage to selvage.  I can get two 7-1/2", two 11-1/2", and two 2-1/2" squares (which is the size of the centers and corners of the Maverick Stars) with just a sliver of waste.  Voila!!

That makes these blocks 11-1/2" square.  I like the rest the same-fabric outer borders gives the eyes.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

{Post 1,512} Triangle-Pieced Wonky Stars

Bonnie Hunter saves the day again.  On her blog, there is a tutorial for Maverick Stars that uses triangles to piece what I think of as wonky stars.  Click here to see it.

Here is the result from yesterday and this AM:

I am a scrappy girl at heart.  My least favorite block is the top left original one.  All the background matches and all points are uniform.  My favorite is the bottom right...pieced center block with all different of everything.

I keep my tiny scraps in a shoebox-sized storage box under my desk.  I just throw the scraps in there when I have them.  These are very small pieces!  I figure I'll cut the 2-1/2" square centers from prints and outer squares from creams as I have them.  If all else fails, I'll cut off a bolt!  What???  Is that even possible, LOL.