Monday, July 28, 2014

{Post 1,388} Store Scores

I had such a GREAT shopping day.  I hate to shop.  No, that is not exaggerating.  I hate it.  I hate spending money.  I hate the time.  But lately, I have started to not thoroughly detest it.  Now I'm even on the verge of "enjoying" it.  I have been wanting a pretty bed frame.  The one we have was my grandmother's.  She gave it to us when we got married.  Honestly, I have never liked it.  It was made for a double bed.  We have a queen-sized mattress and box springs, so we use a frame that stands alone and just pushed the headboard up against the wall with it.  

Even though I was longing for a new frame, I didn't want to spend much on it.  As I looked at home made ones, I concluded that I'd have to spend at least $100 to MAKE one like I wanted, and even then, I was not sure it would turn out like I wanted.

So here's a partial recap of my shopping day.

On our way back from picking up the intended item (last in the pictures), we stopped to gas up our friend's truck that we borrowed.  There was a Goodwill adjacent to the gas station, and I was compelled to go in.  I am not sure why.  But I ended up getting some real gems.  

Above is an oval picture frame.  It looked like something my grandmothers would have had.  I love things like that.  I entertained the idea of making it a chalkboard, but I'm going to let it marinate.  It holds an 8 x 10 picture.

Next up is two perfect condition (just need a little cleaning love) kitchen counter stools.  Our 3 little ones are so pathetic.  Wobbly, uncomfortable, and just not trustworthy.  These were $8 each.  Since I had the truck, why not get them?  They will match my kitchen perfectly, and there's not a thing wrong with them.  Sturdy and lovely.  I couldn't believe my luck!

Here's the beauty I was going to pick up.  This is my new headboard!!  It is EXACTLY what I pictured having in our room.  The footboard is exactly the same design but has no wrought iron.  The best part is that I didn't want to spend more than $100 on it.  I got it through Craig's List.  It was advertised for $200 (originally cost $600, or so the previous owner said).  When I was looking at it, I kept seeing tiny scratches.  I had planned to restain it and then seal it with furniture wax anyway.  I was sure every imperfection would be covered up and fine.  As I was thinking about it, the seller said, "Will you take it if I lower the price a little?"  Before I could respond, she said, "Will you take it for $100?"  A little to me would be $180 or so.  I could barely believe my ears.  I felt like I'd won the lottery.

{Post 1,387} New Quilt Hanger in Stairwell

This was another of my painting projects from this past weekend.  I used to have the quilt hanging on just a dowel with screws holding up the dowel.  The problem was that I hung different sized quilts there, and sometimes the screws showed.  Not a problem now.

The hooks are single-hook robe hangers from Lowe's.  The end caps are from Walmart.  I didn't glue them on so I could easily change out quilts for seasons, etc.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

{Post 1,386} Reveal of Pallet-wood Sign

Here is the hardware I screwed in by hand to hang my pallet-wood sign.  It worked wonderfully.  Especially since I already had two screws in the wall where I had hung a quilt previously.  They were in the exact right place for hanging this.  I just had to make sure I put the hardware in the right place.  I did!!  All by myself!

Here is the finished sign.  It has a layer of "darkening" on it that I would have made lighter next time.  It also has something you cannot see in the picture but is very evident in person.  A coat of paste furniture wax.  It gives it a fantastic luster.

While I'm showing guest room decorations...this is a wreath I made for the room a few years back.  I love grapevine decorations.  The curtains in the room are purple, cantelope, and sage plaid with a cream background.

The closet is on the right as you go in the room.  I got this "Bless This Home" sign at Hobby Lobby.  I like it because it's black print on clear glass that allows the wall color to show through.  Purple is my favorite color.

Always carry a 40% coupon if you get to go to Hobby Lobby.  I always see something I would like to have.

Last, but not least, in there.  My inside-the-wallbed decor.  I have been looking for something for this space for years.  When the ironware was 50% off last Hobby Lobby visit, I finally settled on this.  

For those very observant folks, the basket on the left is actually a shower caddy.  When the wallbed is down and in use, there is no place to put glasses, phone, alarm clock, whatever.  My daughter had the brilliant idea of attaching this to the inside wall.

I have one tiny spot of paint to touch-up in here, and then I think we're ready for company Tuesday.

{Post 1,385} One of My Weekend Projects

This is one little spray-paint project I wanted to finish this weekend.  The back piece and "P" are laser-cut wood I bought at Michael's.  Tip of the day:  NEVER to go Hobby Lobby or Michael's w/o a 40% off coupon.  The wooden pieces ended up costing <$2 total.  

This measures about 7-1/2" wide by 11-1/2" tall.  It may very well be my next wedding shower gift.  Fast, easy, cheap.  Brides love monogrammed gifts.

What appears to the inside is actually hot-glued to the flat piece of "background" wood.  I just took a piece of tablet cardboard and hot-glued on a piece of burlap, overlapping it to glue on the back.  Then I glued it to the front of the wood after I spray-painted it black.

I have a couple more posts coming with other weekend projects.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

{Post 1,384} A Long-Awaited Project

I am getting our guest room ready for some special company.  I need to patch and paint a portion of the main wall one sees upon awakening.  I wanted to get a sign that had meaningful words.  I looked and looked, but could not come up with something that I liked and that would match the room.  The walls in there are a light lavender.

Here's what I am doing to make a sign.  I have the text and paint colors selected.  Just waiting for the paint to dry.  I actually have 4 painting projects in the works today.  All have been painted.  I am at various stages of waiting-to-dry with all of them.  More pictures later.

I had my son take apart a pallet that had been forgotten weathering in our driveway behind the roll-out trash cans.  I cut some boards to length (I think 17") and used my brad gun to attach a thin piece of trim along the back in two places to keep the whole thing intact.

To paint them, I stuck 4 thumbtacks in the back to elevate it off the edge of the drop cloth.

I painted black only on the edges so that when I distress the white (sand it lightly), the black will show through.

I have looked for white chalk paint at 4 local stores.  My last stop was at my Lowe's.  The paint guy told me how to mix up my own from "ingredients" I already had on hand.  I tried it this AM.  Above is the result.  I'm sure I'm going to have to apply another coat of white before distressing and painting my text on.  The text will read, "Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing."  It is I Thessalonians 5:16-17.

The littlest things tickle me.  I figured out how to flip then print the text using Photoshop so I can easily transfer it to the sign.  I am doing "Rejoice" and "pray" in purple and the rest in black.  

Going to a wedding shower today that I predict will be fun, Fun, FUN!!  Leaving in 90 minutes, so back to the projects. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Post 1,383} GFG 8-1/2 Strong

Here is the mother ship with one more block pieced to add when I can.

The next few days and week will be so busy.  I am getting our guest room ready for my son's girlfriend.  She will be visiting off and on during the month of August, but will be arriving for the first time Tuesday. She'll just stay overnight that one night then head to SC for the month of August.  I have some big things to do in there to have it ready.  I'd love to make a sign for the sall...some wall decor.  Time will tell.  There is some wall prep and painting to do.  

The above picture shows all my blocks put together so far.  They are all attached except for the one on the top right.  I have two more blocks basted and ready to sew together.  I will do that as soon as time allows.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{Post 1,382} Gratitude Mat

When I was at Walmart the other day, I saw a picture of Marilyn Monroe.  My trusted haircutter had mentioned that she loved MM and had some pics of her in her new apartment bedroom.  I asked her what colors she was using to decorate (she is a VERY modern girl), and she said mostly black and white with pops of turquoise.  For some reason, I remember random things like this that people say. 

So I got it in my head to make her a little mat.  This measures 14-1/2" square.  I hope she can find a place for it in her new digs.