Friday, September 26, 2014

{Post 1,432} Pinch Me!!!

Look what my husband bought for me at the Asheville, NC quilt show today!!  A bee-you-tee-full 1948 Singer featherweight.  He took this picture.  When I get home, I'll show you what the plate on the left side of the machine looks is gorgeous.  He talked me into it.  I never would have bought something expensive for myself.  He twisted my arm.  It came with a case, 6 bobbins, complete original tool set, and more.  So excited to get home and try this baby out!!!

He took a couple days vacation.  We left Thursday bright and early to go catch a train ride (4 hours long) that included a scrumptious lunch.  That evening we ate out and stayed in a hotel.  This AM we got started at the quilt show nice and early, then left for lunch at an Asian buffet and went back, where he insisted I "let" him get this machine for me ("OK, babe...if you must!!").

We are not at a marriage seminar/retreat until Sunday afternoon.  Wish me luck!!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Post 1,431} Carolina Chain Piecing Finished

I finished sewing the rows to each other on this quilt top.  I like it a lot, and I have already picked out a family to gift it to.

It measures 41-1/2" x 55"

{Post 1,430} Two Daughters' Visits

There hasn't been much sewing going on, but there has been some hasty cleaning, decluttering, and cooking.  Which is good.

My daughter Susie (19) came Saturday night and left Monday night.  Emily and her family came Monday night and just left.  I got some Grammy Jo time in with Keith.

Here are me and Susie.

Me and Keith watching Fox and the Hound after his nap.  Delightful time with everyone.

These were taken while Keith was waiting for Uncle Isaac to come in to "get him".  The anticipation:

Notice the tip-toe stance!  So funny!