Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scrappy Stars Renamed...Center Finished

Lo, and behold...a mostly finished quilt top! This pattern is called "Scrappy Stars", but I had to rename it considering that I have lots of scrappy star quilts already. I think Zigzag Stars will be the new name for this. It still needs a thin inner and wide outer border to be complete, but this is a great start! It measures 68" square now. The original pattern only had 3 rows of blocks, but bigger is better here at the ole homestead. If you want to see past posts about this, search for "scrappy stars".

Just got some great news. My family will be "house sitting" for one of my husband's cousins for a week in July. They have a large in-ground pool (that's a big plus for us), and we can use their house for housing. It would cost a fortune for our family to pay for temporary housing for a week (hotel, condo, cabin--you name it!). So this is a huge blessing for us. We will be close to my WH's family, so we will be visiting with them as well.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stick a Daisy in Your Hat, and Be Happy

Contentment is a wonderful thing, but it's a conscious decision.

Sometimes when my children complain, I feel like it's my duty to remind them to decide to be cheerful. That's when I spout my famous saying, "Stick a daisy in your hat, and be happy!" I did not take the above photo, but it is so neat! Daisies are my favorite flower...they just look so cheerful!

Off to do a little hand piecing on my Seeds of Kindness quilt. Take care now.