Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If Everyone Lit Just One Little Candle...

...what a bright world it would be! Is that how YOU finished the title for this post?

Tonight as supper time approached here at the Parker ranchero, I wasn't hearing any supper-making noises going on. So I decided to start one of my favorite suppers...meat loaf (with Secret Sauce), mashed potatoes, green beans, and home made dinner rolls. While Isaac (9) and I were preparing the meat loaf for the oven, I lit the candle pictured above and placed it on our kitchen table.

There is a light fixture in that part of the kitchen, but it was not turned on. It was very dark over there. There is also a light above the island where we were working, and that adequately illuminated the work area. Isaac asked how such a small candle could light up such a large area. I explained to him that it was because it was so dark where the candle was placed. If we had the same candle in front of us, it wouldn't seem so bright. Gave me much to ponder as I prepared the rest of the meal. BTW, Isaac's first attempt at meat loaf-making turned out wonderfully.

I started thinking back to when women worked by lamp or candle light. The day's work had to be very different! I'd imagine cleaning lamp chimneys and dipping candles were a priority. Life was simpler in many respects when eating and living indoors took up most of one's time. I doubt many people were wondering what to do with all their free time.

Another thought that came to mind was someone's life being a "shining light" for righteousness. My children will sometimes ask questions about ethical matters. I grasp those opportunities to remind them that they should always do the right thing, even if it's not convenient or comfortable. If we are careful about all our small decisions and try to do right, chances are that we won't make big mistakes (at least not consciously/premeditatively). When we hear about someone that got caught doing something wrong that is huge, I will ask the children, "do you think that person ever meant to_____?" I like to think that using real examples of someone's unfortunate decisions will influence them to make good decisions. Please don't burst my bubble if I'm wrong!