Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Perfectly Puzzling

You know someone loves you when they KNOW you. DD3 put this puzzle together for me so I could laminate it and put it up in my sewing area. She knows how much I like pumpkins!

This is one of the beautiful pictures by Rebecca Barker. If you've never seen her Quiltscapes, you're missing out. She has a traditional quilt in the foreground and it morphs into an appropriate scene in the background. This is called Pumpkin Vine. It matches the green walls in my sewing area perfectly.

There is a product called Save~A~Puzzle. It brushes on and dries in an hour. It laminates the puzzle and makes it strong enough to lift as one solid piece. I attached this to the wall with scrapbooking "zots". The puzzle is 20" x 27".

I have another puzzle in my sewing area that I'll save for another post. It's Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Today is laundry day for DH and I. With our big family, we have assigned days because we need to do laundry every weekday. That translates into lots of sewing time for me (today) because I have to be handy to hear the washer or dryer going off (of course!).

My goal for today is to quilt and bind the two broken dishes quilt tops I have. One is for my sister, and the other is for a friend at church. They are about 24" square, so it should be a breeze.



Kairle said...

Great puzzle, Joan. I've been meaning to post a picture of the quilt puzzle that we just finished. I'll do it now...stop by!

Rhonda said...

I love Rebecca Barker's artworks too and have her Quiltscapes books. I've seen notecards and mousepads, but where did you find her puzzles?

Eileen said...

I've done some of those puxzzles. Bbut we've never laminated them. Should so we could see them more.