Friday, February 1, 2019

{Post 1,616} Not Much New Here

I knew I would get very little machine sewing time today. I have been trying to cook one meal a day. That doesn’t sound like much considering that when all my children were at home, we’d have 3 from-scratch meals every day. My husband and I both eat about every three hours, and we try to eat together once a day. With Timmy (4) here, it is even harder. He doesn’t like many foods. I am trying to change that, but that is the fact. Cooking take a long time when one includes clean-up.

I tried a new recipe for supper, and it was, sadly, not so scrumptious. It was a weight watcher meatloaf recipe. It was too soft in texture for us. At least Timmy had some. It won’t go to waste (or waist either, evidently), but I won’t make it again.

Earlier this week, my right knee unexpectedly gave out on me. I felt a little pop in it, then I could not bear weight on it for a few minutes. It happened several times this AM. I spent a lot of time icing and resting it.

I did do some hand sewing on the filler units for my Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Everything just takes so much time, you know?

This afternoon, I remembered that I had 4 quilt tops to machine quilt for a friend. I got those out and made a plan. This AM, I ironed a top and backing. My knee started acting up, so I did not work on it any more. I have the backing pinned and ready to add the top and batting. I hope to get some quilting done on it tomorrow.

For interest, here is an old quilt top of mine that I unearthed during the recent decluttering. I don’t even know how big it is. After I get the customer quilts quilted, I am going to add another border to this and quilt it for my family. I designed it after coming across a very large number of HSTs. I kinda love it.

I just now remembered that last week at this time, Timmy could not stop vomiting and we took him to the hospital in the AM. Seems like yesterday. I am glad he recovered so quickly. I am exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Enjoy the eye candy below...

Thursday, January 31, 2019

{Post 1,615} 29/64?

If I make the Moth in the Window the original size, I am almost halfway there with the blocks.

Here are my 4 new ones from tonight, and then a pic of all the ones so far, with the new ones down the right side (above my assistant’s head).

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

{Post 1,614} An “Even” Twenty-Five

I know 25 is not an even number, but it is a finished set of five rows of five blocks. I am just loving this quilt.

Today I used a large amount of time getting me and Timmy to the dentist. We had an hour to kill between when I picked him up from school and when we needed to be at the dentist. There is a Bernina quilt shop in the same town, so we went there. They just started selling Go cutters. Just last night a friend and I were visiting and she mentioned that she thought I “needed” one of those. So I was glad to have the opportunity to see one in action. They are sooooo expensive. I thought the woman was saying the package she was showing me was $220. It was $220 OFF, so you can imagine the price. Anyway, it was neat. I don’t think I would ever get one. Too much to store and too limited in its use. I can buy a lot of mats and rotary cutter blades for nearly $600!!

But back to my new blocks for today. It is so refreshing to work on just this and tidy up my ironing and cutting stations every night. I could get spoiled!

Only two new blocks due to all the Timmy time today. I did piece and subcut more sashing strips today.

{Post 1,613} Individual Patterns Up for Grabs

Here are some individual patterns I am letting go. I will send them to you for free. If you want to send me a little money to cover postage, wonderful. If not, that’s OK, too. Look at my post a few back for other items I am decluttering from my sewing room.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

{Post 1,612} Room to Breathe

I was trying so hard to use my time wisely today since I did not have my grandson. I love, Love, LOVE being with him. Seriously, I just enjoy being with him. But I did have a few small chores that I’ve been itching to get to in my sewing room. I accomplished all I hoped for and more. It went so well that I cut out and pieced 4 more moths. I did not realize I ran short of fabric until I was piecing. I could not find even one more 2-1/2” square of one of them, so I substituted. Do you see the mismatched piece? I doubt anyone will ever notice it once it’s on a bed.

I had two ladies ask for items off my last post. Don’t be shy! I neglected to mention that the stack of books behind the booklets is also up for grabs.

Looks like I need to piece some more sashing strips tonight...

Here is a comparison photo of the area between my ironing station/storage shelves and my quilt frame. Yes, that is the FLOOR in the second picture. Believe me—it’s been a while since anyone has seen it.

I also had time to sort through a lot of my shirt fabrics. I now have a bin of light and colored crumbs. I also selected the fabric for lots of moth blocks. It is so nice to be working on a completely cleaned off cutting and ironing station. Here is the cutting station. I don’t remember the last time I saw all of it at once. The blue box in the back right corner is the colored crumbs and the box to its left is the light colored ones. The stack in the left front corner is for future moths. I found out that there isn’t a name for a group of moths (like herd, gaggle, murder, etc. Poor moths). Aaaaahhhhh...

{Post 1,611} A Gift, Almost!

Last night my husband and I found out two things that I look at as sort of gifts. But we’ve nearly used them up! He was told that he would have the day off due to some fantastic, unexpected, and much-needed work he did for his company that was above and beyond what was required of him. He is one amazing worker. I found out that my grandson was going to go home for the night and won’t be back until about 7 tonight. So I have 3 more hours by “myself” before he returns and my life gets back to the new normal.

So I have invested much of my free time into the continual decluttering of my sewing room. Other rooms and areas of the house are not so draining and emotional. I have come across many books and individual patterns as well as one other prize I cannot make myself just donate or throw away. If any of you are interested in any of these items, I would be glad to mail them to you. If you want to send some money for postage, that would be fabulous. If not, I can spring for it ;)

First are some books, then individual patterns, then a watercolor package. I am having trouble with my posts to Blogger. I cannot edit them as easily as in the past. So, first my explanation, then the pictures. The watercolor package is several yards of Quilt Fuse (this is the 2” fusible grid that one lays the squares on before pressing and sewing them), then there are some patterns that I used. If the pattern needs special fabric, that is not included. Lastly, there are my pizza boxes of many, many precut (by me) 2” squares. I kept them sorted from dark to light. I will not be shipping the boxes, just the squares.   Now I am hungry for pizza.

Only US residents need apply, LOL!!

Monday, January 28, 2019

{Post 1,610} Three Last-Minute Moths

I added 3 moths to my design wall. What is a bunch of moths called?  I guess I’ll have to check. I will sew another set of sashing strips tomorrow.


{Post 1,609} Good Changes

This is where I generally hang out on Mondays. I have been getting weekly allergy shots for over 3 months. I was tested for 85 things and am allergic to 90% of them. Since I’ve been getting the shots, my reaction to things has gone WAY down. What a relief!! It is called desensitization. If you have severe allergies, I would highly recommend getting them.

In quilty news, I am nearly finished with the hand quilting for my little Valentine quilt. I am eager to put it up on the wall.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

{Post 1,608} More Surprises

Timmy was worse yesterday AM, and he was getting worse faster. We decided to take him an hour away to a children’s hospital ER. They were AMAZING with him. I was so impressed with the care, and I am NOT easily impressed. He got anti-nausea medication and ate and drank while there, so we felt like he was much better. This AM I asked him how he was feeling. He answered, “Better than new!” (He is not your average 4-year-old).

I pieced this quilt block for my wire welcome hanger. The black and cream one was not ringin’ my bells, so I looked for something else. I started hand quilting it last night. That is something I can do while we are keeping Timmy. The accent triangles and border are brown. This is more my speed!