Saturday, December 8, 2007

Decorating with Quilts

Kathie asked us to share how we decorate with quilts. We moved into a different house last year. I have a large (largely useless) foyer that I at first considered a waste of space. I finally realized that it *is* the perfect place for a little decorating. It's the first thing one sees when entering our front door.
This past fall I made two little quilts to decorate the space. This picture shows one--a small square quilt I draped over a crock under a little antique table.

The quilt was made from left over squares from a Pineapple Blossom I made from Bonnie's pattern. I used plain squares for between the pinwheels and hand quilted simple diagonal lines through it. It's one of my favorite small decorations. It's all fall hues of purples, oranges, browns, greens. I like to see real people's houses, don't you?
Notice that each triangle is made of two main one and another on the tip.



Kathie said...

this is a great idea!
Love that you put the red berries and greenery in there too!
wow a quilt made from leftovers from another quilt...boy that is wonderful!
Love that you handquilted it too. Thanks for sharing the picture.


Sherry said...

What a great way to dress up a crock for Christmas. I have several of those big crocks. Thanks for sharing the pic, it looks great!