Sunday, December 9, 2007

Antique Sideboard at Christmas

This is a picture of an antique sideboard in my kitchen. Those red walls really look great during the Christmas holidays!

We've always had so many young children at home that it was difficult to decorate much. We don't have all those little niches that I see decorated in magazines. We USE all our space.

Then I realized that there are a few areas that are decorate-able and safe. This is one of them. My 3rd daughter likes to set up this little village for Christmas. Each building was a yearly gift from one of my aunts. Each has a light inside, and they are on in this picture.

The garland hanging from the shelf is made of torn strips of homespun fabrics, homemade felt snowman, and rusty tin ornaments (moon, sun, and stars).
I will be sharing a quilting-related post next.


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