Monday, December 3, 2007

When I read my last blog post, I instantly saw not one, but two mistakes! First, I omitted the name of the quilt pictured in the last blog. It's called Cozy Christmas. I am actually selling my only kit for that on eBay right now.

I am working on a new Christmas quilt that might be finished for this year yet, but probably will be for next. I machine quilted loops in the white areas in the center. I'm currently hand quilting cross hatching in the two end areas around the star and vine applique. I plan to then hand quilt 4 hearts in the red squares on point, with the heart points touching.

Mistake #2 is that I made it sound like I have more than one husband. Small error. One husband is enough, thank you very much. He is the BEST! I said I was "using an old work computer of my husbands". That absent apostrophe will get you every time. In order to be grammatically correct, I should have typed, "I have been using my husband's old work computer". But it did make you stop and think for a minute, right??

The name of my blog, Keeping You in Stitches, reflects my love of sewing as well as my ability to make people laugh. At least that's what I've been told! I just tend to see things humorously. Case in point...

Yesterday AM, my family (except for me and the 3 youngest) had just left for church. A few minutes later, our house phone rings. I answered (w/o looking at the caller ID) and hear, "Hey, Babe, what are you doing?" I had been copying recipes to include with a slow cooker for a wedding shower gift for that evening, and told him so. Then I realized that is WASN'T my husband on the phone! He said, "You're an imposter--what have you done with my wife?" We both just burst out laughing. After glancing at the number of the caller, I said, "Well, I just realized you're NOT my HUSBAND!" We laughed another minute, then he said in parting, "Well, if you're copying recipes, maybe we can work somethng out??..." LOL!


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