Monday, December 3, 2007

A Whole New World

Wow!! There is a lot to learn about blogging. I plan to keep tweaking the blog until it has everything I want to share. I'd like to add some links to online photo albums, auctions, my favorite blogs, etc. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks to those who have already welcomed me. I will probably be sharing a bit every day. Not that I'm a prolific writer, but there is always so much going on.

Son 3 and I stayed home from church last night. He helped me (by pressing) finish 6 nativity quilts. I did the piecing. DD 3 had already fused and cut out all the animals, stars, and manger pieces.

We are enjoying cool weather here in NC. It's a refreshing change from the oppressive heat of this past summer.

Here is a picture of a quilt I pieced last year. I have it quilted, bound, and washed now, but don't have a new picture yet.

I am using an old work computer (old as in a few months, not years) of my husbands, and it runs Vista (whatever that means!). We need to get a license for the Office package. All that to say I won't be able to share any NEW pictures until that happens. But it will be soon!

Last night I also finished a darling snowman quilt that I started years ago. I had to unquilt it ~ ugh~ and requilt it because the batting broke up (it was 100% cotton). Never had that happen before. I wonder if it was old age? I will share a picture of that quilt ASAP.

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