Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ever Have One of THOSE Days?

In my attempt to quilt up some tops instead of starting to piece new ones, I thought I'd just machine quilt my scrappy trips top yesterday. The best laid plans...

It was a very frustrating experience. I was doing it on my DSM. Above is a picture of one of the SMALL thread nests that pulled to the back and drove me near insanity. The top thread is chestnut brown, and the back thread is baguette. I finally had to stop and leave the premises.

The thread kept breaking, the tension wouldn't stay optimum. much going wrong. I rethreaded, cleaned, and oiled my machine. I tried a new needle. I surrendered. After coming back (hours later), I did a little piecing just to see if my machine had a major problem. Well, now it's free-motion quilting like a dream, but I was very keyed up about it for quite a while. I have about 1/3 of the quilt yet to machine quilt.

I bought this backing fabric from a (now) friend on eBay a while ago. It's butter yellow with pears...flannel, too! It's such a pretty fabric. The pears look like they've been stenciled on there.

~Joan, who is back in her right mind

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Libby said...

Sometimes there is no explanation - you just have to put the machine in time out. It's more of an attitude adjustment than a tension adjustment *s*