Thursday, February 7, 2008

Double Birthday Celebration

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you already know that my DH (center) and I have 8 wonderful children. It's hard to believe that 15 years ago today DS2 (left) and 10 years ago today DD4 (right) came into the world. And hasn't it been a better place because of them? I sure think so! I thank God for each of my children (and DH) daily, but today is special because it's the birthday for these two special and undeserved blessings.

When DS2 realized (when he was 4) that our baby would be born near his birthday (she was due 2-9), he asked me if she could come ON his birthday. I seized the opportunity to teach him that it was out of my control, but he could ask God to send her that day. He started praying THAT NIGHT. Fast forward a couple months...on the evening of 2-6, I went into labor. I distinctly remember telling my husband that baby girl would be born on DS2's birthday because I wasn't going to do the labor thing for >24 hours. For years DS2 thought DD4 WAS his birthday present.

I always enjoy hearing how families celebrate birthdays. We let the birthday person pick all the meals for their day. In the case of these two, they used to agree on meals for the day, but now they opt for celebrating both their birthdays, two days in a row! Getting greedy about the special meals. DS2 asked for Apple Pan Dowdy (in pic above) for dessert. The days of cakes are long gone around here. It's been a long time since someone asked for an actual CAKE. I'll post the recipe if I get a request. Apple Pan Dowdy came from one of my e-friends in Canada years ago. It's so delicious, especially warm with vanilla ice cream (which is how we ate it). We also give the girls a "big girl" necklace when they turn ten.

On another cheery note, I can hardly believe it's true, but my Scrappy Trips quilt is quilted, bound, and LABELED!! I probably need to have label day around here. I rarely make labels for my quilts. But since I've been working on the antique string quilt of Emma's, I have been thinking about posterity more and more. I hope someone will be looking at my quilts in 80 years and wondering who made them and when.

I meander quilted the center and outermost border. I did a repetetive swoopy thing in the outer checkerboard and leaves in the inner black border. I did a bias binding. I could not remember how to cut and resew it, but I found the directions here. It looks neat because it's the same black strips as this border, but on the diagonal.

I got the idea for quilting the leaves from my new fan, er, I mean friend, Marcie. Look at Marcie's quilt border. Lovely leaves, eh?

Gotta go finish celebrating birthdays...



Anonymous said...

I'd love to be in the drawing for those lovely pinks. Tell the kids I always say all important people are born in Feb. George, Abe, & Me included. LOL!

Linda Z

Marcie said...

I'm your BIGGEST fan, don't forget! The leaves turned out so cute! I'd like to take the credit, but my quilter did that! She is good and I pay her! And I do want the recipe for your dessert. Yum.
And way to go with your Scrappy Trips. You over achiever!

Sherry said...

Happy belated birthday to your two. My granddaughter turned 5 on Feb. 2. I would love the recipe to that Apple Pan Dowdy, sounds yummy! Congrats on finishing the Scrappy Trips quilt.

Kathie said...

I love the way this quilt came out. Fabric choices make the quilt look sooo warm.
Yes I too machine quilt leaves like that in sashings, just easy once you get the rhythm going don't you agree?

Happy Birthday to your DS and DD
how fun they celebrate the same day!

Linda_J said...

Well done--quilted bound and everything! I love the limited palette that you chose for your "trips" quilt.

Love how your bargello is turning out. Norma at silverthimble quilting and I started one last weekend but both of us had to set them aside during the week. We plan to be back at it again this Sunday.

After seeing your quilt and the others that Marcie linked to I almost wish I had tried that instead but I still have a ton of strips to use to try THAT one out.

Never any shortage of ideas out there.

Libby said...

Hope everyone has an enjoyable birthday celebration *s*

Sue R said...

Amazing that two of your kids share the same birthday. Would you share your recipe for the pandowdy? It looks yummy!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful story.