Monday, February 4, 2008

99th Post :)

Welcome to my 99th post. And I thought I'd never keep on with blogging. Some of you are wondering when I'll stop!

Above is a block I pieced this AM. It will be a whole quilt some day. I am cleaning up my cutting table. It has so much of this and that on it that I can't find anything. I am cutting down my scraps into usable sized pieces. This block is 17-1/2" square. That's right. After working on the Carolina Crossroads, everything over 1-1/2" wide seems big, but this is humongous!!

Off to do a little grocery shopping. I'll come back later for post #100.


1 comment:

Sue R said...

Neat block. And the part about, it will be a whole quilt someday? LOL, that's how I got a lot of my UFO's!