Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Enjoyment from a Favorite Book

This is the book from which my next leader/ender (Plan B) is coming. I also want to make the quilt in the second picture at some time. In the top picture, Plan B is at the bottom right of the book cover.

When making a quilt, if I have to refer to the book's directions much, it is frustrating to have the book tend to try to close all the time. I had this book spiral bound this past week after fighting with it on and off one day. I had it done at Office Max for $3. A small price to pay for a bit of sanity, eh?

I still feel cruddy with a horrible sore throat. I spent part of this afternoon ironing and cutting I Spy quilt prints. I just laid out 3 more top centers, ready for when one of the children wants to piece them. You have to read the webbing the top instructions for keeping a laid out quilt in a stack off the design wall and ready to sew. It makes piecing so easy w/o fear of mixing up the blocks.



Marcie said...

I think I have that book, the quilt looks familiar. So should I expect to see it finished tomorrow?

Eileen said...

I think Marcie is about right. You seem to get soooo much done. Course I know with all the hands you have around to help it's easier. That looks like a neat pattern.ip

Lucy said...

I love that book. The block from my triangle treat came out this boo :-) The pattern you're showing is on my list "to make once"too :-)

Libby said...

'webbing' a top is a great technique . . . I always think of it as a fishnet - but the result is the same *s*