Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fabric Buying Will Power?? Hahahaha...

One of my errands in the land far, far away yesterday was to stop at Mary Jo's Cloth Store and get ONE piece of fabric for binding for a customer's quilt. I am trying to be good financially and resist the temptation to buy things that I don't need. I was so good at MJ's...I got exactly what I went for and one item I was looking for but didn't expect to find. I purchased the binding fabric, a simple thimble (less than $1), a hera marker, one small spool of hand quilting thread and a piece of fabric to make a tote bag for carrying my flute, flute stand, music, Bible and other paraphernalia to church. How could I resist the thousands of bolts at Mary Jo's, you might ask?? Well, it's because I knew this was coming...59.6 pounds of fabric bliss!

Monday I had ordered 2 bolts of cream, 4 bolts of blue and 3 bolts of red. All Thimbleberries. It is to beef up my patriotic colors as that is the next big holiday. Let me tell you, my blue department was a shame. Only 4 bolts that didn't even complement each other! Is that sad or what?? I know you understand.

I just finished the binding, hanging sleeve, and LABEL (that's noteworthy for me) on my Hearthside Memories. Now it's in the washer. I hope to put it up tonight. Cross that one off the list.

Just this AM I made a list of all my current projects. Some haven't even been cut yet, some are ongoing block sets like the double pinwheels I showed earlier. A couple are being hand quilted, some are just tops waiting for a good machine quilting mood to strike (I do a lot of my machine quilting in Jan and Feb because eBay sales are slower, so there's hope!). The list wasn't as big as I thought it was. It was good to get it on paper and see what I SHOULD do next. There wasn't any schoolwork, laundry, grocery shopping or meals on the list, so it was fun to pick something, LOL!

~Joan, off to admire my new bolts of fabric...

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Patty said...

oh boy, look at all that fabric ! That should keep you busy for a bit. What a fun box to open up