Monday, January 7, 2008

DS3's First Adventure In Piecing

This is my 11-year-old son. He has wanted to sew on a machine for quite a while. He thinks piecing is easy...after all he's watched me piece many times. Never mind that he's never done any piecing before (or machine sewing for that matter).

I just noticed that he has strings stuck to the front of his shirt...a true quilting boy!! LOL!

I consented today (must have been that good mood I was in after de-Christmatizing the house). Here he is with the squares for an I Spy top laid out on my design board. After just moments (according to him)...

His finished top center. We still need to add borders. I like using the dark jelly bean print for the alternate squares. It makes the novelty prints really pop. Naturally, we avoided using any dark background ones.

While he was piecing this, I was at the other machine quilting the last I Spy top. I used a variegated primary color thread and did "dwirling" on the top. It adds a neat texture to the top without detracting from the novelty prints. I am just about to machine sew the binding on. I'll post a picture after I'm finished.



Leah S said...

That's one happy looking boy! Now I want to peek in your novelty squares box... you seem to have an endless supply. ;)

Helen in the UK said...

How great that your son is taking such an active interest in quilting. Looks like you have a FANTASTIC selection of novelties to keep busy with :)