Monday, January 7, 2008

Dream Quilt Storage!! Yippee!!

Finally! At long last!! Just the idea I've been waiting for!! These two thin tubes are all my fall and Christmas quilts rolled up and tied with strips of muslin. Take a peek at my Web Shots album, and you will see that these two rolls represent a LOT of quilts.

They hardly take up any room in my closet and won't have wrinkles when I use them next. What a marvelous idea. I lined them up staggered so that they didn't all start at the same place, with left edges aligned (that's the end that would be on the floor). The tallest quilts are 44". On the left (the Xmas roll), I folded my Cozy Christmas in half, and that is the outside layer.

I have been suffering with piles of quilts all over my room...under the quilt frame, on the cedar chest, small ones on the desk. Now...problem solved!!

I was a little troubled to find out that I didn't have a patriotic stack, then I realized that that's what I have up when it isn't fall or Christmas. I do have a few everyday, but evidently I need more of those (like I'm looking for quilts to make--they find ME).

We took down all the Christmas decorations today and cleaned the public rooms (kitchen, foyer, and living room) so I have a new lease on life. My oldest daughter just asked if she could take me to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Well, of course!!


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Libby said...

What a great plan . . . too late for my Christmas quilts this time, but I will certainly have a fold free Christmas '09 **