Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Projects

Above is my latest block love. I've been seeing pictures of this quilt in magazine advertisements for years. Some day...some day...

Twelve made so far. They are 7" finished size. Each set spins in opposite directions, so one is used for the border and one for the center. Each set has one fabric for the center and one for the outside. See the sets?

The space is where a border will go to separate the center from the border.

I think one of the things I like so much about blogging is the understanding of the other quilters. I bet none of those reading this are thinking, "Why is she making another quilt? Didn't she just finish one? How many does she need? How long will it take to finish this one?" I've heard all those questions in the past few days from folks. I figure if they are asking, there is no need to explain...they won't get it anyway!!

I'm looking forward to getting back to ordinary life. My parents are leaving tomorrow and my husband's are arriving in the afternoon. I hope to get back to our regular schedule Monday. I plan to take all the Christmas decorations down this weekend and make the house look normal. No home made cookies for a month (she says in half seriousness).

Off to take my daughter's friend home and pick up my son from work.

Until tomorrow,



Idaho Quilter said...

Yes, no need to explain! why a quilter has the need to keep starting new quilts. I am always thinking of the next quilt. sometimes I have 4 or 5 things going at once. Happy quilting!!

julieQ said...

Yes, I have had all those questions. And sometimes they aggravate me! But I just understand that the person commenting has just not been bitten by the bug yet!