Friday, January 11, 2008

I Spy Wonky Feathers

Here's my first attempt at "wonky feathers" as Dawn Ramirez calls them. I did this in an all-over freehand pattern on my latest I Spy quilt. I used variegated primary thread. This was done on my regular sewing machine.

I was so impressed with my work. Then my DH came into the sewing room, and I was just gushing with self-pride. He said he likes plain stippling better. Whooooosh...that's the air being let out of my balloon! My oldest DD was with him and said she thought it was "cool", so that helped my ego a bit.

Here's another view. I think these are just so neat. To top off the evening, I washed and dried my Hearthside Memories, and it now hangs in the place of honor in my kitchen. I am using a brass curtain rod with leaves on the ends for that quilt place. I separately bought two little brass hooks for the rod to rest in. The ones that came with the curtain rod would have had it too far from the wall. Love those red walls!!



Mary said...

Joan, these look good - aren't they fun? I just had someone ask me if they could be done on a DSM and I'm going to send them the link to your post and photos.

As far as husbands and quilting....Keith will come into the longarm room and say something like....Oh, I really like that one...and it's NEVER a top of mine! He prefers more color coordinated quilts and I LOVE scrappy ones. I don't listen to him and keep making the quilts that call to me!

Pajama Quilter said...


Great Job!! I love knowing that you did that on the DSM! Keep at it. I'm always amazed at people who do amazing things with the DSM!

So funny that your husband loves "stipple". I too rarely ask my husband's opinion. He would have all the walls WHITE and all the furniture arranged with a ruler. (Never at my house!) Tee hee......I do listen when he says what he wants to eat!!

Thanks for sharing!
Dawn Ramirez

Kathy Wagner said...

I think it is VERY cool! Way to go trying something new! I'd like to try that sometime too...I've only done a regular feather in the border of a quilt.

cher said...

Joan- way to try something fun and I think they look great! dsm quilting is so much trickier than husbands think or realize! he should be very impressed.

Helen in the UK said...

I think your feathers look great! I'm working on improving my machine quiting skills on my dsm and this year I aim to tackle feathers :)