Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two Tops Finished

This is my accomplishment for this AM. I listed the above 2 tops on eBay. There is a link on the left sidebar if you'd like to take a peek or take them home!!
My other goal this AM is to make a tote bag for my flute, stand, etc., to cart back and forth to church tomorrow. It is a simple pattern, but I hope to jazz it up just a bit. I really like the fabric I picked for the body of the bag. Tune in later for a (hopefully) picture of the finished bag.

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Anonymous said...

Love these and your Hearthside Memories Quilt!! Simply Gorgeous!!! Is Hearthside Memories a Kim Diehl pattern? It looks very familiar to me and I wonder where out of all my books/patterns if I have that....seeing yours makes me motivated to get it started and especially after seeing it on your gorgeous red wall. Thanks for info on that quilt!! Mary