Friday, July 19, 2013

{Post 1,208} Shooting Stars Back Surprisingly Finished

Much to my surprise, the backing for my quilt is finished.  I just sewed like-width pieces together in 100" lengths, then sewed them to each other in rows.  When I tossed it up and over the design wall to see how big it is, voila!  It was a little too wide, but that is the seed for my next back!  Amazing!!  It's not pretty, but it's functional!  The second picture is when it was in strips on the floor.  Very difficult to judge size there!  I only had a few small pieces of what I had already cut left over.  So satisfying.

A bonus is that I have 60/180 five-inch squares cut for a future shirt quilt as well as a basket of 1-1/2" strips (for log cabins) and lots of pieces for my Shirts Abound coming up (and already under production).

Here is the before and after of my shirt stash.  The 5 shirts on the shelf (which I mistakenly thought were 4 in my previous post) are back there.  I haven't completely deboned them.  I took a sleeve off of each for Shirts Abound.


Janet O. said...

That was fast!
I wish my shirt stash looked that neat!

needlesandpins said...

WOW the stashes look so neat and tidy. Maybe you can tell me how do you cut down your shirts. Thanks.
Great amount of shirts!