Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Post 1,205} Shooting Star Blocks Added

This AM I sewed the last 5 Shooting Star block centers.  I took a couple pics in progress for a new e-friend who asked for directions.  I double sew the squares so I have a little HST block for my future pinwheel quilt.

The thing to notice in the picture is that the square is 1/4" away from one edge of the rectangle.  This lets the stars "float" a little inside the black so no points are cut off.

Here is the finished star block center:

Here is the quilt with the new blocks laid out beside it, all ready for borders on them:

After lunch I will be doing much pressing and cutting of shirts.  I am going to make a 9-patch on point in the future with shirts as the alternate blocks, and I will need 180 five-inch blocks for that.  I am going to use up non-favorite shirts for the back of the Shooting Star quilt.  I will use the biggest squares possible, plus rectangles.  I am going to make rows of blocks for the back, not necessarily the same size, but the largest I can to utilize the biggest chunks of fabric.  I figure while I'm handling the fabric, I might as well cut for all of these.  Naturally, all else goes into my scrap bin for half hexagons or string quilts/borders.

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