Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Post 1,206} Shirt Scraps Being Tamed!

I have been cutting aforementioned shirt pieces for nearly 2 hours.  Sooooo much progress.  In fairness, the top 4 shirts in the basket were just set aside.  But I have made a lot of headway towards the 180 5" squares needed, the borders for my Shooting Star blocks, and heavens, the pieces for the quilt back!  They abound!!  My scrap/string box also overfloweth.

I ended up cutting 3 widths of strips for the quilt back.  18", 11-1/2", and 6".  The 11-1/2" was selected because it's the width of two 6" strips sewn side-by-side.  

Here's before, after, and in the basket after (a different view):


Kath said...

yes I have a basket of shirts too. You have set me a good example :-D

Looking forward to seeing what you do with these.

Leeanne said...

Great post, I too have quite a collection of shirts, but lack the time to make anything from them :-(