Monday, July 15, 2013

{Post 1,200} Necklace Possibility and Jewelry Organizer

I am not completely sold on this necklace idea.  It reminds me of a picture I saw of Michael Phelps displaying all his gold medals way back when.

Here it is so far, but rearrangements might be in the future:

Micheal with his (from Sports Illustrated):

I know--we're like twins, right?  Mine are silver, although they look gold in the picture.

Here is a jewelry hanger I made from simple stuff that my husband hung for me (because I can't use a drill).  I made it to suit my meager jewelry needs.  Just a couple months ago I started wearing necklaces.  Amazing, but true.  I made this using a 12" x 5" bulletin board (chosen because it had a wooden frame around the outside edge into which I could hammer the tacks), two pieces of black window screen, a few staples, and small black tacks.  It works for me.  These are ALL my earrings except for the pair I wear nearly every day, which are in the top drawer of my bathroom (this beauty lives in my closet).

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