Monday, July 15, 2013

{Post 1,199} Necklace in the Works

I am not a big jewelry fan.  But I did see a few "mother's" necklaces I like.  So, combining the styles I like, I am making my own.  Last year I got my sister (that I just saw in Ohio this past weekend) a metal stamping block.  I knew she had the stamps (except for Q and Z which is another story altogether).  So I ordered some blank 1/2" wide disks in silver and took them with me to Ohio.

My mom used to make bead jewelry, and she let me raid her stash for most of the stones.  I only had to buy the "emerals" on the first two (for my husband and eldest son).  Keith added the first March birthday to our family.

Here are the stamped discs.  I did the first initial of all my children, then in afterthought did my husband, SIL, and grandson.  

I accidentally left my camera at the party.  My husband asked me if it was mine upon finding it.  So I stamped myself a camera tag as well and attached it to the bead that was on the handle already.  The scratches aren't as obvious when it is viewed as a 1/2"-wide disc.  Here it is:

Just bought what I hope is the perfect chain for these at Walmart.  I will add a jump ring to each to attach it to the chain and put silver beads between each one.  I will take a pic when I am finished with the whole thing.


Raewyn said...

Unique and clever jewellery, I'm like you, I don't wear much but have some favourites. Great idea with the disc for the camera :-)

Ruth said...

If you need to add more, you can just mail the disk to your sister so she can stamp it for you and send it back. With 8 kids, you might (probably will) get a lot of grandchildren!! I can hardly imagine!