Saturday, August 27, 2011

{Post #787} Christmas Runner (top) Finished!

Considering that I've started with pieced BLOCKS, these projects have taken a really long time!  I pieced a table runner for myself.  I hear all the time how DARK my quilts are, and it is true.  It's because I sew with Thimbleberries nearly 100% of the time.  The border on my runner is old, Old, OLD.  From Mistletoe Mountain.

Here is a chronological sequence of pics from the process.  Don't need many words.  The runner finished at about 16" x 47".  Our kitchen table seats 12, so I can use a long runner.

As I finished piecing the runner, I used every last 1-7/8" HST from my Past and Present quilt.  There are still 26 broken dishes blocks for me to use up somehow.  Kind of burned out on sewing right now, so I'll post this and then go stretch my legs.

My broken dishes blocks accumulating on my cutting table:

Rows ready to sew to each other:

Close-up of border fabric:

Piecing finished!


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