Monday, August 22, 2011

{#776} Crumb Quilt Quilted ~ Whoo Hoo

Finished quilting the crumb quilt this AM.  I only had about 12" to go.  Since my frame is in my bedroom, I rolled out of bed and started it before I even changed out of my jammies. 

I started counting the number of pieces in it, but forgot if I had counted one block (fortunately, I was only on the second row of blocks when this happened).  Statistics to come.

Several times when I was rolling the quilted part ahead, the batting felt lumpy (like I had picked up a sock or something).  I flattened it out best I could.  I think it was just the seams from the blocks in the pieced back.  I would hate to think that I had ACTUALLY quilted a sock into my quilt!

Had a strange but fun phone call yesterday.  I had a cell phone call from a number I didn't recognize (didn't even know where the area code was from).  I didn't answer it, thinking it was a wrong number.  The person left a voice mail, so I listened to it.  It was a woman asking if I could enlarge a quilt I made for her.  A plaid rag quilt, black and cream, with red stars.  I knew right away she had the wrong person.  The only plaid quilt I made was about 18 months ago, and I'd never sold a rag quilt as far as I could remember.  So I figured I better call her back and let her know she had the wrong person.  She insisted it was me...wasn't I at the Boise show last year?  Black hair?  Um...NO.  Yet she was sure it was me.  After all, she had Joan Quilt on her phone.  Well, at least that part was right!  As I kept explaining that the person she sought was NOT me (I've never been to Idaho or Iowa or any other place she thought I'd been), I told her about my one and only plaid quilt.  She said, "Oh--I bought that from you on eBay!"  Sure enough, she had bought these two tops.  Ends up she never had them quilted, so she's sending them back for me to quilt.  I have only machine quilted for a handful of people, so this was a nice surprise.  

Have a great day,


Elaine Adair said...

Funny about the ebay quilt tops! 8-)) Also, perhaps the sock in the quilt - not THAT sounds reasonable! LOL

Wonky Girl said...

The flying geese border really was a great idea. So the quilt is a keeper, I would not be able to give it away.
Congrats on new quilting customer!

Leeanne said...

A sock!! That would be funny! Great news, you are now a professional quilter!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!