Monday, August 22, 2011

{#778} Past and Present

Made 3 more sets of these Past and Present blocks today.  I see a mistake in the layout above.  Do you?  I was in a hurry to come up here and order some flowers to send to my see, tomorrow is my birthday!

Then I took these little broken dishes blocks...

...and tried this layout.  I don't have enough sewn to get the full idea (there are 8 blocks' worth on my sewing table, trimmed and at the ready), but I wondered how they would look radiating out from the center?

Off to meet with oldest daughter's suitor and his parents for dinner tonight.  Should be a grand time.



Kristi said...

I love both of these block patterns. Lovely colors!

Elisabeth Parker said...

Had a great time tonight. :D Thanks for taking the pictures for us!

Teresa said...

Love the reds and greens and the blocks designs themselves. Looks like you need to flip that one block - 3rd row, 2nd block.