Friday, August 26, 2011

{Post #783} AM and PM

This AM I did this...

Yes--that's a rotary cutter cut.  Your initial reaction to the picture, plus a drip, drip, and a throb, throb, and, yeah...that was the first thing I did today.  I wasn't even USING the cutter when I got cut.  I was cleaning up my cutting table.  I don't remember what I reached for because my consuming thought for the next 15 minutes was, "WOW, does that HURT!".  The day got better though.

This afternoon I made this...

My Past and Present blocks are finished.  Each block finishes at 6", so this is 48" x 60" so far.  I will add an inner and outer one-fabric border.  Probably will work on it some tomorrow. 

You should SEE the pile of little broken dishes blocks I have accumulated!  I will be making a couple table runners and wall hangings from those.  For now I will take these off the design wall to web.  I'm going to play with a layout for the wall hanging, so there might be yet another post tonight.

Daughter #1's "suitor" is coming over for supper, so I think the rest of my night is pretty much gone.


Elisabeth Parker said...

Thanks for giving up your evening of sewing to spend time with us! We had a really good time, and I'm glad you stayed upstairs and spent some time with us. :D Love you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ...!
Enjoy your supper ... you should be able to escape anything that sniffs of washing dishes!

Anonymous said...



Me and My Stitches said...

And that is why they say to ALWAYS keep that blade closed! OUCH!!!