Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Post #780} Past and Present...Then and Now

This afternoon I was ready to call it quits at this number of blocks.  But then Susanna asked me to sew with her tonight.  While that actually never happened (hey--life gets in the way sometimes), I sewed by myself.  Notice that it's daylight in the following picture.

This picture was taken about 9 PM tonight.  I made one more strip of green and one of red, yielding 6 more blocks.  Then I had to rearrange them a little so all the new ones didn't just fill in the holes of the above picture.

So I can go clean up the kitchen now and go to sleep...all is rounded out on my design wall.  That is just how I roll...don't know why! 

I think I will make one more row of 5 blocks to add on the right.  Actually, it's 20 more blocks, but 5 sounds like less work.  That will yield a nice throw-sized quilt for some lucky recipient for Christmas this year.



Kristi said...

love it!

Lurline said...

Nice progress Joan!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Teresa said...

Its a great quilt and that will be a very lucky recipient on Christmas morning.