Friday, October 8, 2010

New Fall Table Runner for Kitchen

I bought the Twister rulers (large and small sizes) a while ago. I rarely buy specialty things that only have one use, but I was hooked. I plan to make lots of runners using these for Christmas gifts.

Last night I started this runner. I like it and I don't like it. Why would I be making a new fall table runner this late in the game (I'm already envisioning my home with Christmas greenery)?? We have taken two leaves out of our table, leaving us with a table for eight. I know that sounds enormous to some, but to us, it is small. To my last year's table runner it is small. I have to fold the runner under one block just so it doesn't extend out under the plates at the end of the table. This. won't. do.

So, I present my new fall table runner (until we put the leaves back in at least)...I like the runner, but I'm not crazy about the quilting I did on it (which I'll show you tomorrow).

And here is the close-up of the top. I was teaching my youngest daughter (12) how to do a layout of prints to make them look good. I also let her sew the 5" squares together. She needs much more practice at making consistent seam allowances and straight seams. Enough said. But since this is for me, I didn't make her rip out any more than was absolutely necessary. Didn't want to kill her enthusiasm for the whole hobby.

Off to hopefully finish my NPOP quilting...only about 3 feet long of an area to do in the borders. There are still two sides of binding to hand sew down, but I'll do that later while I watch a movie in bed (I hope).


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