Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stranger Things Have Happened

Don't you love it when you find something that's been missing for a long time? Yesterday I found an item that has been missing for four months. I was too frugal to replace it, but I had started thinking about it! It was my flute. Yes--my flute. I was moving a bookbag yesterday in my room (that I never remember using) and wondered at how heavy it seemed. I looked inside, and lo, and behold--there was my flute. I thought it had been thrown away. You see, when I used it last, I drove our 15-passenger van home. I usually set the case upright in the trash can in the front so it would not slide around. When it was at large for so long, I assumed an unattentive person threw it out with the trash. I know, it sounds inconceivable, but stranger things have happened.

But the greater mystery...this runner has been missing for over a month. No one in my family knew where it was. I looked in every nook and cranny for it. When I went downstairs to sew today (yes, oh happy day!!) it was sitting on my cutting table, looking all innocent. I asked every single person in my family if they found it. I had to text one person who left this AM for a trip to Myrtle Beach, but all the others have said "no". What in the world? Did the quilt nappers get this and hide it from me just for grins? I think not!!

Check out my next post for two new projects. I have almost finished my NPOP, so better get a few more rolling, eh?


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for finding your long lost flute! I wish that would happen to me, but I'm pretty sure mine is gone for good.

Glad the quilt nappers decided to return your runner, too! :-)

~ Meagan