Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Big Finishes Tonight!

Another post tonight! When I began the binding on my NPOP I realized I only had one short side left to stitch. Then Rachel came down the finished the last few inches on my fall table runner. From this distance, I DO like the quilting...I just wish I had used a darker thread. I made inverted and "out"verted swirls (in other words--both directions) to give the pinwheels movement.

I wish ALL of you could come to my house and see the following quilt (especially you, Debbie). This turned out so nicely. I love the quilting in the borders. If you haven't seen Dawn Rameriz's DVD of the Pajama Quilter, you will have no mental picture, but these are Wonky Feathers. I love them. They are an open but lovely swirly favorite kind. There is no pillow tuck on this since it's going on our wall bed, hence the solid piece of fabric for under the pillows at the top.

Tomorrow I will wash these two new quilty items and put them to immediate use. The NPOP is for my daughter's room/our guest room. That's the same room, but she if often somewhere else!!




Sherry said...

Hello! Someone visited my blog looking for another with a similar title. So I thought I would try. I didn't find Beth's KYIS blog, but I did find yours! I started my blog October 28, 2007. You started in December 2007.

You have beautiful quilts! I'll be back later to visit when I have more time.

Nice to 'meet' you Joan!

julieQ said...

I really love the way your nine patch turned out! Wonderful! Yes, I totally agree...wouldn't it be fun to have a sew in all day?

Debbie Surrett said...

Hi Joan!
Wow! I love the NPOP quilt!! But, your fall table runner has definitely caught my attention. The trees are at their peak color here in PA this week, and it is just gorgeous! While we've been driving around, I keep looking at all the colors and decided i just have to make a quilt to remind me how pretty fall is here. Now I'm thinking a table runner or topper would be the best to show off the colors! One more project to add to my pile. :)