Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine Day Evening, Part 3

Here are our delightful "workers" for the dinner BEFORE the big meal.

Here they are AFTER...sort of, tired? exhausted?

Here are the 3 girls during the meal, doing what they do best...eavesdropping! They thought they MIGHT have heard their names from the kitchen.

The beauty to me of the whole event is that when I was talking to Emily (2nd from the right in the top picture) about it later, I mentioned that it was so perfect because it was exactly what I would have planned...a quiet, delicious, nutritious dinner at home with dear friends. I must have said something like, "who would have thought of that?" She said *I* had. I evidently mentioned my "dream" to her earlier in the week on a shopping trip. She latched onto that idea and did not let it go. I feel so loved. Thank you to all who made the evening possible.

The end.


PS: Can I make reservations for next week? LOL!

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