Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tiddly Winks, Part 3

Here is the last progress report for tonight...the Tiddly Winks quilt top with framing hourglass units on. I think I'll just make a piano key border of plaids for the last border. Might trim down the cream border before I put it on. I made it 3" narrower than it was intended to be as it is.

I'm down to very little of this black left, but I might put a tiny black border, then the piano key, then black binding. I'll have to do some math. I don't want any of these plaids left in the stash-ola. I think I'll be calling this Mad for Plaid from here on out (and on the label), but for now I'll stick with the original name, Tiddly Winks.

~Joan, who is hopefully off for 40 winks soon (still feeling like I have one foot in the grave)


Marcie said...

Oh my gosh, I blink and you have another entry! Do you even know how many quilts you have worked on in the past week? I counted seven, and that's not counting your daughters quilt. You are about to go into orbit! Houston, we have a quilter!

Sue R said...

Joan, another unusual setting I haven't seen before, it looks fabulous! And I love the name Tiddly Winks, I vote for that one.

Sue R said...

I forgot to ask, can you say who the pattern is by?