Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Day Evening, Part 1

My Valentine evening was completely unexpected, and oh, so special. I guess having low expectations helps with that. Earlier in the day (or possibly the evening before), my DH told me he'd watch "You've Got Mail" with me on Valentine's Day evening. That was very special to me.

Early yesterday AM, he said I would not be able to go upstairs (we have a ranch with a finished basement) after 3 PM, and, oh, by the way, be ready to leave at 6. Leave for where? No answer. My sewing room is in the basement, so this was absolutely no hardship. Well, you wouldn't believe what was happening behind my back (and above my head!).

At 6:00, my DH announced that it was, indeed, time to go. Go where? No answer. Oh, and could I possibly keep my eyes closed until he told me to open them? Well, naturally. To make a long story short and leave out many details...he drove me around in our car for about 10 minutes. He said, "Do you know where you are?" I mentioned that we never stopped at a traffic light. Just as I predicted, very shortly thereafter, he stopped and I asked, "Are we at a traffic light?" His response...what do you think? I told him I didn't hear ANY traffic, and I thought he was just sitting there trying to pretend like we were at a traffic light. We ended up back at our house again. There is a van in our driveway. I ask if it's Steve and Diane's, our good friends. "Could be." I jokingly ask if they are going to babysit (it's been years since we've needed a babysitter for our children). We go in the house, to be met by Pacabel music, candlelight, and an incredibly good-looking young man (son Luke, 15) in a black suit, white dress shirt, red tie and kerchief in pocket. He welcomes us to the "Love Boat Diner". What in the world? We go into what mere hours ago was our living room. Gone is the couch, love seat, computer desk, rocking chair, etc. In their place is relaxing music, candles all over, and a beautifully decorated table for 4.

Our friends had already arrived and been seated. My friend was as much in the dark as I. Her hubby works over an hour away, but he came home early enough to not only be at our house on time, but come over early (I never knew he was here) to drop off dessert...carrot cake and French silk ice cream. He told her they were going out for dinner and had reservations for six o'clock.

We were presented with dinner menus and our drink orders were taken (Diet Coke all around). I cannot do this planning and execution justice. But I will continue in part 2 later.

In this picture of Susanna (13) our foyer door is back to her left. That's the "front door". Notice the V-day decorations dangling down from the ceiling behind her!

Here is a pic of the table, taken earlier in the afternoon. The girls also arranged the roses.

More later...



Kairle said...

What a fun, fun, evening, Joan. How wonderfully thoughtful of your DH and children. Can't wait for part 2.

Eileen said...

What a wonderful evening you had. Helps having a lot of children to do this for you. So tricky to pull it off with you in the basement. Well, nice to have the quiet sewing time.ip