Monday, February 18, 2008

I Spy...Periwinkle

I'm still on a mission to use up some of my I Spy fabric stash. A month or so ago, I put a periwinkle binding on a quilt for my oldest daughter's piano teacher. I chose 3 periwinkle prints and she picked her favorite for the quilt. I cut up the leftover pieces to use as alternate squares for this I Spy center. Nothing fancy. My 8-year-old son pieced the rows (his first sewing project). I sewed the rows to each other (with a few minor seam allowance adjustments...I didn't want him to be discouraged).

I am hoping that the rest of my Mennonite Mosaic fabric arrives today. I'm eager to start cutting strips for that.

I started taking a prescription allergy medicine yesterday, and I feel sooooo much better. It would be great to have some energy and sleep well!!

Our family will be traveling Saturday and Sunday (5-hour drive one way). I'm hoping to cut some apples for my Apple Core quilt. I will hand piece those in the van. That's 10 hours of prime sewing time! It's been years since I even cut out one piece for that. Maybe I'll see some progress on this trip. I'll take the antique string quilt to work on while we're not driving. I find hand quilting in the van very difficult. It's not a steady ride in a 15-passenger van.

Big news today is that the feathered population here, and I mean HERE, is down to two parakeets. We had numerous finches (who had babies, who had babies). The number varied constantly with people buying them, new chicks, etc. Since it's been cold, they have lived in my sewing room. The noise was enough to push me over the edge at times, but I tried to be patient as we had no where else to put them in the cold weather. But today, grand day of days, we sold the last 3 to the local pet store (Fins & Critters...isn't that cute?).

~Joan, who is off to actually COOK. Definitely a red-letter day!

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