Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apple Core Eye Candy

The above is a *NEW* UFO of mine. That makes it sound not-so-bad, you know? It's an apple core quilt. I'm hand piecing it because of the curved seams. I'd like to make it a charm quilt, but time will tell on that one. It's about 12" x 15" now.

The main reason I'm posting this picture is because I've met another kindred spirit. Julie wrote me about our Carolina Crossroads quilts and their similarities. After looking at her blog, I see that we enjoy the same quilts very much. What a great benefit of blogging. Finding kindred spirits!

Today has been drive and sit, drive and sit. But it's been good. I hand quilted an entire block and a little more while at the laundromat. I was thanking the Lord that it wasn't crowded...that makes me nervous. Turned out that the only other customer there was a church friend from up the street! PTL!

Our washer died a slow, noisy, and painful-sounding death this weekend. Whew--when it was spinning, it sounded like a 747 revving up for take-off! But thank God, we were able to purchase a new washer today for about half of what we expected it to cost. God is so good to us, even when we're having a bad day. Thankful today for a new washer!



Kairle said...

Looks lovely, Joan. We're going to do some apple core piecing in our quilt guild in a couple of months. Now I'm getting excited.

Janet said...

Isn't hand piecing soothing?I'm handpiecing and will hand quilt a Rolling Star quilt (Sept. 2005 QUilters Newsletter Mag.) The process just "winds my clock".