Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marking Stencil and Quilting It

Here is the quilt border after being marked with Quilt Pounce. Click on the words to look it up on the web. You don't actually tap, tap, tap the Quilt Pounce like the name indicates. You wipe it over the stencil. I also have one with white powder, but I've never had to use it. The blue shows up on everything I've pieced.

This is a continuous-line stencil, meaning that one doesn't have to start and stop constantly. That's great for machine-quilting. It doesn't matter as much with hand-quilting because you're starting and stopping all the time anyway. Here is the stitching from the back...not perfect, but after washing, it will look acceptable, perhaps even lovely.



Kairle said...

I'm so sad! I just decided I can't be your friend anymore. Everytime I read your blog I become depressed realizing how little I actually get done in a day. Boo hoo hoo....

Seriously,though...great job on your quilt. It really IS cheerful!!! Keep up the good work. Heaven knows that I'm not even going to try and keep up! LOL!

Have a GREAT DAY, Joan!!!

Lasagna said...

And the Quilt Pounce washes out of everything you've tried it on too? I'm really tired of tracing and retracing my disappearing pen =(

Thanks! And beautiful as always.