Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cancelled Trip, Finished Quilt

Our trip for today was cancelled. We were heading to see and surprise my FIL for his 75th birthday. Yesterday, all day, my DH was not feeling well. He just kept feeling worse. He has been in bed for most of today as well. Nothing serious, but he is miserable. He was concerned about spreading it to us as well as extended family, so we stayed home.

We had a day and a half free, but what to do? All of our mental planning was going towards a long van trip, but now we were free as birds.

I finished machine quilting my Double Pinwheel Quilt (above) and just moments ago put the last stitches in the binding. It's now in the washer. I even put a label on this. I'm coming along! Before long I'll have this quilting thing down.

Off to play a game with the kiddos.



Anonymous said...

Sorry your DH is not feeling well. Probably wise to cancel trip. I love your quilt. It is so pretty laying there all finished. Great job.

Linda in IN

Kairle said...

Bummer that your trip was canceled. Take two chocolate bars and call me in the morning. I'm sure it won't help your DH, but you'll feel better! LOL!

Lovely job on your quilt!

Eileen said...

Looks great Joan, Sorry about the cancelled trip but sure was for the best. Let him stay in bed away from everyone else and get well. Hope the rest of you don't get it.

Helen in the UK said...

Sorry to hear about your cancelled trip. Beautiful quilt though, congrats on your finish :)

Jeanne said...

Sorry that your trip had to be cancelled, but you sure made good use of the new found free time. Your quilt is beautiful!