Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Progress...Not Much to See

All I got sewn on the Carolina Crossroads today was getting the split rail fence blocks sewn together from the rail, 9-patch and cream square units. The quilt is set on point, so you have to use your imagination to see them.

Here are some of my blocks on the design wall. If you find the large cream squares on point, there should be 5 of those across and 5 down. After getting these up on the wall, I wondered if my husband would like it. My suspicion that he would think it's too busy was confirmed when DD2 walked in and said, "Is there a pattern there?" The stars with the black points don't show up as much as I'd like. I have a creative idea that I will show tomorrow.

DS2 took a year-end math test today that included material from his whole book. I told him that if he got a perfect paper, or only missed ONE, I would take him out for supper. Well, the rascal did! We had such a great visit while we ate at one of our favorite restaurants. We shared a steak and fried baby shrimp dinner. That was quite possibly the best meal I've ever eaten out. Everything was cooked to perfection. I'm so proud of him. He started working with a family friend who is a contractor this week. He will be learning all kinds of skills and hopefully saving some money as well.

I watched 3 movies last night. Remember, DH is away! The children and I all watched The Pacifier. They thought that was hilarious. I sent them to bed and watched most of two more. I hand quilted the whole time, so I'm making great progress on my string quilt. I have decided to quilt the sashings as I go so I won't have to go back and do them all last. I'm really liking it. I like the navy I picked for the sashing and border, and I love the blocks themselves.

Better get to sewing this mystery quilt that is no longer a mystery! I've added a bit more sewing with my unchartered changes, so I best get to it. I'll post a picture of my progress later today.


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