Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another Reason to Be Thankful for Teenagers

My wonderful son (shown above in case there are those who wonder who in the world I could be referring to--he's 14, DS2) showed me that I can take extremely detailed photos with my camera. Yes--the very one we've been using for more than a year! The reason to be thankful for teenagers is because they can teach you all the ins and outs of your electronic gizmos. Who needs a reference manual when you've got a teenager? I have 5 teens, BTW (18, 17, 16, 14, 13).

So...stay tuned for those close-ups. He also introduced me to the joy of no-flash photography (alleviating those pesky glares on glasses and windows, not to mention shiny painted walls). I took a pic of a runner I'm quilting, and the thread looks like railroad tracks on a landscape picture. I'll post more pictures later.

Thank you, God, for teenagers. You don't hear THAT every day!


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Libby said...

Isn't that the truth . . . my camera came with two (2!!!!) very thick manuals. I managed to read far enough to install batteries, take pictures and get them on the computer. Wonder what else I can do *s*