Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MORE Double Pinwheel Blocks

Here are close ups of two of my new blocks, then a picture of all of one set (when you make these, you get two sets, one "spinning" in each direction). I have run out of room to show these with the border of opposite spinning blocks around the outside. My design wall is not that big. So, now I have 40 of these beauties finished. I will soon need to figure out how many more blocks I want to make to have a throw large enough to cover a 1/4" shy of 6 foot 14-year-old son.

Off for Nakata leftovers and a nap (for some reason I got up at 4 this AM--sigh).



Mary said...

I'm loving your pinwheels too! Daughter looks adorable with all that beautiful hair....and is all those your TB bolts in your sewing room? If so, skip Mary Jos...I'm going to yours! Tee Hee

dot said...

Thanks for the directions to this pattern. I am really liking the double pinwheels and your daughter is beautiful. Have a great day.