Friday, January 18, 2008

String Quilt Picture Update

Here is a rather close-up picture showing the sashing stitching. I have started on the row on the left and am working my way to the right. I'm quilting block 12 out of 30. I'm using a ruler and hera marker to mark the X's. If you hand quilt and mark straight lines, that is the way to go. No actual marking on the quilt, just a crease that is so easy to follow!

For the photo shoot, I even took the basting out of the first row of blocks and sashing! I like the way it's coming along, and I LOVE to hand quilt. It lets you see and admire each and every fabric as you go. Having the chatelaine with all my supplies together makes it so enjoyable.

Making great progress on my Carolina Crossroads. Picture later tonight. I'll have to take a few hours off to go pick up my son at the construction site, then the whole bunch to the library and violin lessons.

Back to the CC!


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julieQ said...

Love that old looking string quilt!! It is just right, don't you think? Cuddley and perfect.