Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nakata What?

This is not Nakata. This is DD1. She is 17, going on 45, LOL! Yes--the hair is naturally curly. Her driver's ed teacher (last spring) asked her if that was one of those "add-ons". Then he asked her if she was wearing contacts to make her eyes that color. She replied, "I'm all real--nothing artificial!" She has been begging me to show her in my blog, so there she is.

These are not Nakata either. This is my progress as of last night (1-14) on these double pinwheel blocks. They are so stinkin' cute.

Nakata is where my DH took me for supper. It's a Japanese steak house. What a hoot! The whole meal was a show. I don't particularly like Japanese food, but I stuck it out and actually enjoyed it very much.

The meal started with us sitting around a large grill. The tabletop goes right up to the grill edge (the cook can reach each plate). He began his food preparation by doing a watch-me-twirl-throw-catch-and-repeat-my-cooking-utensils act. It was marvelous. Then he methodically cooks and serves various dishes. It was all yummy. First is fried rice. Everything is scooped and slid over the grill, then served around the table. There was a mountain of rice. He occasionally squirts this or that (I have NO idea what this or that was, other than water, soy sauce, and oil) onto the food mountain. Then there's more chopping, flipping, scraping, and serving. You start eating your rice (I even was adventurous and used chopsticks for the first time. I tried reading the directions, but they were in Japanese!). Meanwhile, he is preparing a shrimp and vegetable appetizer. Then he goes around and cooks everyone's meat...ribeye steak, chicken breast, shrimp, etc. Everything is sliced and diced before cooking so it can be easily thrown around--er, I mean eaten. So fun to watch! I took pictures with my phone, so I'll share them later if we miraculously find the cable that will allow me to download them to my 'puter.



Leah S said...

Love your daughter's hair!

I went to a Japanese steakhouse for my sister's graduation - the show was as good as the food. It is a fun treat to do. :)

Kairle said...

we have a couple of Japanese steakhouses nearby. We love to eat there...and we all use chopsticks! Okay, my son doesn't. He can't get the food in his mouth fast enough, but all the rest of us can. :-)

Sounds like a fun evening with your mysterious DH. lol!

Kairle said...

Wait! I forgot to comment on your DD! I'm glad you finally posted a picture of her. From everything that you say, she sounds like a keeper!

Libby said...

What a cutie . . . I am partial to those naturally curly topped gals - The Princess is a curly gal, too *s*