Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's S-n-o-w-i-n-g!!

I know--some of you are thinking, "Big deal!", but we only get snow every few years here in NC. One of my husband's coworkers made the comment, "The French toast crowd is out." I had NO idea what he meant. Those are all the folks that stock up on milk, eggs, and bread at the mention of the "s" word. LOL!! On our way home from church tonight, there were actually people stopped along the road. I know they were saying the same thing I was to their wondering children that I was to mine..."Look! It's Snowing!!

I am hoping that after a good night's sleep, I will awake to the next clue in Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads quilt. I can hardly wait.

Today I did not machine sew a single stitch. Hard to believe. I usually sew several bobbins of thread per day. I spent the greater part of the morning cleaning my bedroom. I jokingly referred to it as the toxic waste dump of the house to Kairle, but I didn't need the haz-mat team after all. Just one very encouraging and helpful daughter in the room with me while the other held down the fort with the "littles". Ah...I will sleep peacefully tonight.

I have made some progress on my string quilt. I have nearly 8 of the 30 blocks completely hand stitched and some of the sashings in between. I am doing all the hand quilting in white thread. Bonnie suggested I do 3 large X's in the sashings. That was a good idea, especially since the blocks are set in a 9-patch setting. I'll post some pictures on that soon. I plan to do lots more work on it in the next couple of days. My DH is scheduled to be out of town from about 2 tomorrow afternoon until 2 Saturday PM. We are going to watch a couple movies while he's gone. Great hand-quilting time!!




Idaho Quilter said...

I gave you a tag and an award. Just come to my blog and get them.

Kairle said...

Yippee! How fun to get snow! I remember one Sunday morning when we lived in southern CA.... I was teaching Sunday School and the mother of one of the children came in to pull her DD out of class. It was SNOWING outside!!! Well, you can believe that ended the class for the rest of the children, too. lol!