Friday, September 7, 2012

{Post 1,050} Pillow Sham Fabric Quilted

My house is decorated for fall, such as it is.  I put out the same decorations I do every year.  If you want to see some, put "fall decorations" in the search box to the top left.  I enjoy fall.  The weather cooling off is one reason!

I am thinking ahead to Christmas decorations, so I quilted a large piece of one of my favorite cream fabrics.  I am going to make pillow shams to go with my new Christmas quilt.  The thread matched the fabric so well that I had a hard time seeing where I had quilted.  The blue Mark-B-Gone line is showing the edge of the quilted area.  I had to find it by Braille!

Yes, difficult to see on the front.  I wanted a subdued design, but this is ridiculous.  My husband said I should have quilted it from the muslin side.  A great idea, but too late.  Anywho--I hope to get the backs put on tonight.  I think I'll just put a binding on like I did the other set I made.



Janet O. said...

I wanted to see the Christmas quilt these shams are made to match, but the link didn't work. Your sham link worked--I love the braided shams. : )

Leeanne said...

The weather here in New Zealand is turning to the opposite, warming up!
I think your shams will be lovely. So of my customers use muslin for their quilt backs, it really does show the quilting up nicely.
Wishing you a great weekend. My youngest son had his last rugby game for the was nice that they won.